List Of Great Argumentative Essay Topics On Genetics

This article will help you in finding a topic for your argumentative essay on genetics. Don’t confuse your essays, the word argumentative is there as a guide to help you. Don’t confuse your topics either! This must be a genetics based topic. The essay requires you to write about a topic using evidence, examples and research. You may also use personal stories to add weight to your argument.

You can find a great list of essay topics on genetics when you use this service.

Topic ideas to spark inspiration:

  • Abortion. Should this be re illegalised? What are the pros and cons? Use statistics for evidence.
  • Animal rights/testing.
  • Death penalty. Used in some states, abhorred in others. What are the pros and cons of keeping alive our criminals or ending their lives?
  • Cloning. Is it possible and should it be used for waking our dead?
  • Human trafficking. Effective border controls or better relations with neighbouring countries?
  • Plastic surgery.
  • Legalising marijuana.
  • The positive and negatives of feminism on women in the 21st century.
  • Does God exist?
  • Should sex education be taught or abolished in schools? How young is too young for children to be told the facts of life and is this a job for parents to do?
  • Is obtaining a degree vital to life success? College fees and gap years, what are the benefits of college and what are the benefits of effectively learning from working straight away.
  • Is a third world war likely to happen? What defences do countries have?
  • Should corporate punishment be practised in schools?
  • Gay marriage. Some states allow gay marriage; others still do not and what impact does this have on society, young generations, older generations of people and couples themselves?
  • Euthanasia. Do the terminally ill deserve the right to choose when to die?

Many topics will be a should these be or should they not be legalised and many people you speak to will have opinions on them, which makes them great topics! Don’t be too caught in researching opinions and stay clear of biased resources. Use resources that give you facts on the topics, solid facts that you can use to, not only make your mind up on, but everybody else that reads your essay.

Remember, your essay must be an argument and relevant. This is essential to sparking debate. You need to have one clear view to write about to successfully finish your essay.