How To Write A Good Essay Introduction - Tips And Examples

One of the most important parts of the writing process is creating an introduction that introduces your topic. It is designed to give some background information on your topic and give your audience an idea of what the paper is about.

Many introductions will also need to include some industry terminology if it relates specifically to that topic. It is important that you make sure that you draw your reader into the paper. You want to make sure that it is interesting enough to force your reader to want to read the rest of the paper. Here are some tips that will help you write a successful introduction and some information on where to find some solid examples.


  • Start with an interesting quote or fact in the beginning to help you draw your reader in. you want them to want to continue reading your paper.
  • Identify some vocabulary words if they are specific to the topic. You don’t have to define general vocabulary words just ones that relate to your topic.
  • Add your thesis statement to your introduction. The thesis statement should describe what the paper is about. It is the main point of the paper and should be like a one or two sentence summary of the piece.

Finding solid examples

There are some great places that you can find good essays where you can read the introductions from them. The introduction is so important because it sets the essay up and gives the reader the background information that the reader needs to understand the rest of the essay. You should write your introduction as if you were writing about a topic that your audience has no prior knowledge of. It is a great way to ensure that you are giving enough information to your audience. Here are some places to find excellent examples to get an idea of what your final product should be like.

Writing service companies

There are companies designed to offer writing services to their audience. You can learn a lot from these places. You can also get some really good examples to use as a guide. They are written by professionals and are designed to attract customers to the site.

Writing lab

The writing resource lab at your school will likely have samples that you can read through to get ideas of what your paper should look like as well. Be sure to check with them as well.