Coming Up With Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics For 3rd Grade

Children in 3rd grade are just starting to learn how to write argumentative essays. The topics they write about should be fun and attention grabbing and not controversial in the adult sense. The topics should be ones which children of that age are familiar with and are attracted by. Any parent knows how difficult it is to retain a child’s attention. This is especially true when doing homework assignments. To get a child writing furiously about something, the topic obviously has to resonate with them.

If you are a parent looking for writing prompts for your child’s argumentative essays, look no further because we have some great ones here!

  1. 1. Baseball is better than football!
  2. 2. Squiggly worms on top of a pizza are great tasting and healthy.
  3. 3. Every kid should have a 5 minute break during breakfast to check Facebook.
  4. 4. Every kid should have a set time for breakfast every morning, even if they are late for school.
  5. 5. Kids should not be punished for being late to school.
  6. 6. Kids should be allowed to leave class whenever they want.
  7. 7. All kids should be allowed to skip gym class whenever they want.
  8. 8. Kids can live without learning about science but should always play sports.
  9. 9. I am a good student but I do not want to ever study math.
  10. 10. Playing sports every day is better for a kid’s health than doing homework every day.
  11. 11. We should all have two summer vacations every year.
  12. 12. There should be no homework for summer vacations.
  13. 13. Our class trip every year should be a trip to the WWE.
  14. 14. Our class trip every year should be a trip to Disney.
  15. 15. If I am in Third grade, I should be allowed to move ahead to fourth grade without writing this essay.
  16. 16. Dogs are better pets than cats.
  17. 17. Movies are better entertainment than sports.
  18. 18. Homework should always be done during daytime.
  19. 19. All our classmates should do homework as a group in class.
  20. 20. Baseball helps me stay healthy.
  21. 21. A curve ball is better than a fast ball.
  22. 22. Scrabble helps me write better essays.
  23. 23. Doing experiments in class helps me when my toys need fixing.
  24. 24. Every kid should have a screwdriver set.
  25. 25. Drinking water is healthy for the body.