5 Ways To Come Up With An Argumentative Essay Topic On Politics

Whether students are taking an English class or a political science class, an argumentative essay is a common assignment. To write this type of paper, students must be able to pick a side and support their case with a well-researched argument. Before the student can even begin to do this, they will need to choose an interesting topic to write their essay about. To think of one of these topic ideas, students can use the following tips.

  • Read a Newspaper
  • One of the ways to choose a topic is to pick something that is relevant to daily life. In the newspaper, students will be able to find all of the current political topics that are trending. Other than looking at news stories, students can also check out the opinion section of the newspaper to see what topics people are currently passionate about.

  • Think of a Politician
  • Students can look at some of the current politicians that are running for office and consider if they should be voted for or not. Afterward, the student can write a paper about why or why not someone should vote for that politician.

  • Look at Wedge Issues
  • Every society has issues that are peculiarly interesting to that country. In many areas, these issues are known as wedge issues. For example, in the United States topics like gay rights, abortion and gun ownership are key determinants of which way someone will vote. Rather than writing about a politician or a current event, students could write an article that is for or against a specific wedge issue. Since the argumentative paper is more than just a discussion of the student's opinions, they will also want to do research and find statistics to back up their claim.

  • Search Online
  • If the student is still unable to come up with a topic, they can always look online for potential ideas. There are hundreds of websites that cater to writing, so students should be able to find numerous examples of potential topics.

  • Read the Textbook
  • Students who are currently enrolled in a political science task can always start with one of the easiest ways to find a topic: the textbook. Within the textbook, the entire information and data that the student has acquired over the entire semester will be listed. Students can flip through the pages and write down any ideas that seem interesting. Afterward, they can narrow down this list of ideas to a single topic.