Eleven Outstanding Descriptive Essay Topics To Consider

Descriptive essays give the writer a chance to use language in new ways and explore fictional or real scenarios in vivid detail. Many novelists have started out with this type of writing and gradually expanded their focus. Here are a few topics that you can try out to get some practice:

  1. 1. A trip to Niagara Falls.
  2. Be careful to describe different parts of the experience such as the protocol adhered to on the ferry, the rainbows, the waves, the tourists attractions and getting to the locale.

  3. 2. The fight.
  4. Describe a boxing match from the perspective of the younger brother of one of the fighters.

  5. 3. Cat and mouse.
  6. Given the setting of a country house, proceed to elaborate on the fine details of a cat chasing a mouse. Things may fall, break, rock, shudder slam and thud.

  7. 4. The hidden circus
  8. When it comes to this form of entertainment, the colors, shapes, costumes and laughter are most often considered so try to look at it from a different angle. Focus on the hidden emotions and the inner lives of the spectators and performers.

  9. 5. The wheat farm.
  10. The process of planting, maintaining and harvesting wheat may be understood by most but adding the methods practiced in the factory should broaden the scope of items to adapt to the essay.

  11. 6. The hurricane.
  12. Protocols for natural disasters are necessary and effective. A nation’s reaction to such a catastrophe provides riveting details that can be easily written to be a gripping read.

  13. 7. Losing teeth.
  14. Most people who survive childhood have lost their teeth and gained new ones. This story can detail the process of losing teeth as an adult due to injury or illness.

  15. 8. Dung Town.
  16. As naturalists follow arachnids through a tundra, chronicle a dung beetle’s perilous journey from feces to family.

  17. 9. Letter to a mother.
  18. Visiting some relatives at their European beach house you proceed to write an informative letter about the serenity and beauty of the environment. Touch on the aged steppe path toward the sea and the diversity of flora and fauna.

  19. 10. Dear diary.
  20. From the perspective of a teen-aged girl infatuated with the school’s track star, write about the events of a particularly close race which he eventually loses.

  21. 11. Living through the unlivable.
  22. Follow a group of people through the torture of a concentration camp in World War II. Mention the conditions, emotions, despair and scorn present in this time of contention.