Writing An A+ Argumentative Essay: Tips For Students

Essay writing can be a challenge in itself and when it boils down to argumentative pieces, the ground rules are slightly taken by the change. You would do well to guess that argumentative pieces have some rules of their own. First off all, you cannot approach an argumentative paper in the way you would do other papers. There are certain layers that you will have to explore in the essay. Also, it is important to give equal exposure to both the angles of the essay. You may employ the following tips into writing argumentative pieces.

Start on a neutral note

As the writer of the paper, it is important that you start the essay with an unbiased tone. The readers will naturally get miffed if they find that the writer has some preconceived notions about the essay. One of the best things to be done here would be to make the issue as pertinent as possible. In order to strike a decent level of pertinence right at the start of the essay, you may:

  • Start by presenting some related facts in a straightforward and unbiased manner
  • Present the question to the readers
  • Cast aspersions on the vitality of either side of the argument
  • Make assumptions about both the given scenarios
  • Take the relevance of the topic into account
  • Talk about how the subject concerns and connects with a larger mass of people

Discover shades in both the cases

Although there are majorly two sides of an argumentative paper, it would be worthwhile to note there are several shades in each argument. So to say, in order to raise the efficacy of the points, you will have to unconditionally explore each of these shades.

Identify the good and bad in each point. As mentioned, there will be two major points that you will have to deal with. Any one of the points cannot be as relevant as the other. Hence it will be safer to identify with the positive and negative of each of them. Here it is also important to present these to the reader just as they are.

Conclude with an open end

There is no argument in favor of making the paper biased both at the introduction and the conclusion. Unless the purpose of the paper is to validate one certain point, it is always safe to keep the end of the essay open. This brings the discretion, reasoning and judgment of the readers into play.

If you do feel the need to drive a certain theory over the other, make sure there are enough points in your favor.