How To Link Paragraphs In An Essay: 5 Helpful Hints

Composing essays is an art that students must master to score good marks in their dissertation work, an essential characterizing their curricula. Ideally, the 5 paragraph essay is chosen for ease in construction. But there are other formats too that deviate slightly from the norm. For any paragraph written, students must be able to link that with the former or latter. In other words, there must be a connection so that the write-up looks meaningful. If stuck, you can get professional help from this website.

You can take help from the following 5 pointers about how the linkups must be done.

  • Read, read, read
  • Experts suggest the habit of reading to enhance your quality of writing. In reading through a number of sample essays, you will only help yourself frame better essays. Note how the dissertation uses linking words and the careful selection of them. Pay special attention to the flow and the professional manner in which the write-up is presented for readers.

  • Be aware about signposting
  • It is helpful knowing that ‘signposts’ refer to linking words or phrases associating one paragraph to some other, but their use must also be known carefully. Before using them for your purpose, remember that good academic essays essentially rely on these words to help readers understand the writing that looks more coherent and logical.

  • Pick words carefully
  • Just because some words connect ideas in your essay doesn’t mean you will use them as and when you feel like incorporating. For showing likeness or agreeableness, words like again, too, also, as well as, of course, and stands good. If you show contradiction, use regardless, even so, but, nonetheless, besides and so on. For causes and conditions, if, since, so that, due to, are words you must fall back upon.

  • Make a draft
  • If you wish to see how your essay stands, make a draft and read it thoroughly. That way, you will be able to find your own flaws and correct them. Ask yourself questions if the points have been explained well or are they relevant to the context. If you feel few aspects need more emphasis, check for the linking words and modify them accordingly.

  • Stick to coherence
  • There is a role of coherence in the writing that you submit. To make the most of available topics, you should be able to procure a logical thread throughout the paper.

Keep these 5 tips in mind and you will face no trouble linking paragraphs to the essay.