List Of Twenty Impressive Persuasive Essay Topics On Law Enforcement

In many respects, we can regard the invention of laws, and law enforcement, as one of the oldest ‘technologies’ of mankind, that without which arguably we could never have achieved large civilisations and the modern world. Here are some essay topics with some bite that will give you fertile ground to write a great persuasive essay on the subject.

  1. Racial profiling: There are other, more effective tools to target police time and resources.

  2. Principles over Codes: Rather than trying to write laws explicitly to be taken literally, it is more effective to write laws that establish principles.

  3. Juries over Jurists: Faced with criminal charges, defendants have the greatest right to be tried by juries of their peers, rather than by professional judges.

  4. Fewer Guns: Police should generally not be armed, because the risk of death by cop is too high.

  5. Right to be Silent: The right not to incriminate oneself should extend to not revealing password to police.

  6. Weapons Testing: Similarly to food or drugs, the weapons that policemen use should be forced to undergo testing for safety and effectiveness, by law.

  7. Trapped: Not enough is being done by the police to prevent the abuses of entrapment.

  8. Witness Fallibility: Eyewitness accounts have been demonstrated to be fallible repeatedly; police should be trained to place less credence on their testimony.

  9. No Comeback: Law enforcement mistakes can cost lives, but rarely are they held to account. Stiffer penalties need to be implemented for negligence.

  10. Watching the Watchers: The mechanisms of police oversight should lie with the citizens, not with the police themselves, to ensure incentives to justice.

  11. The Usual Suspects: Police lineups are antiquated, and far more likely to point to the wrong suspect. They should no longer be allowed.

  12. Killer Cops: The stresses of being a law enforcement officer can strain even strong minds. More should be done to help police on the edge of violent outbursts.

  13. In Reserve: Many police forces admit reservists to assist in their duties. Higher standards should be applied to the appointment of such deputies.

  14. Improbable Cause: Officers need a strong indication that a crime is in progress in order to lawfully enter private property. This hampers effective policing, because innocent people should have nothing to hide.

  15. The Longest War: The so-called war on drugs in many western nations has resulted in millions of incarcerations for relatively minor offenses. It’s time to stop the madness.

  16. Warrantless: As more and more of our communications move online, police more and more have the incentive to implement large-scale surveillance. This is absolutely a case where liberty should prevail over security.

  17. Uniquely Flawed: Fingerprints are not as reliable as police would have us believe.

  18. Rookie Mistake: Pressured forces promote new recruits too quickly.

  19. In Their Own Hands: Where law enforcement is weak, vigilantism is a legitimate response by the community.

  20. Lie to Me: Police officers are no better than the man on the street at detecting when somebody is lying.