20 Fresh Ideas For College Essay Topics For The Tempest

When choosing a topic for an essay, you might be tempted to write about subjects you think your professor wants to read. However, like any reader, your professor wants to discover something interesting and new to him or her. Consider what you find provocative about the subject. What surprises you? Picking an original theme is especially important when writing about famous classical works, like Shakespeare’s The Tempest, since countless others have written essays on this play. Your essay must be thought-provoking and unexpected, so you have to write about something you find relevant. Use this homework writing company or the list of fresh ideas and hints to find an intriguing topic.

  1. The power of deception.
  2. Think about how deception is used to rectify an unjust situation, while normally it brings about tragic consequences.

  3. The importance of music.
  4. Feminism in The Tempest.
  5. Miranda turns away from Caliban when he attempts sexual advances, even though she taught him to speak, demonstrating kindness but not weakness.

  6. Shakespearean comedy.
  7. Shakespeare speaks through Prospero.
  8. This was Shakespeare's last independent play and it didn’t end in tragedy, like most others. Similarly, Prospero gave up his magic and decided not to use deception, torture and murder to pursue his goals.

  9. The importance of language.
  10. Prospero’s powers come from learning and reading books.

  11. Usurpation and the quest for power.
  12. Think about the island as a colony.

  13. The moderation of ambition - Prospero’s wise choice.
  14. Is the island a utopia or a prison?
  15. Miranda’s relationship with Prospero.
  16. Caliban - a European perception of natives.
  17. Caliban was civilized by Prospero and Miranda, but later demonstrated savagery. Was this Shakespeare’s explanation for the treatment of Native Americans by colonists?

  18. The contrast between Ariel and Caliban.
  19. The portrayal of European justice.
  20. Christian themes in The Tempest.
  21. When viewed as an allegory, it seems Prospero (representing God) is controlling events and showing vengeance, but in the end he decides to end his magic and feels forgiveness (possibly a reference to the change biblical law after the crucifixion of Jesus).

  22. Sources of power and how they explain characteristics of Prospero, Caliban and Ariel.
  23. Caliban - uncivilized savage or uncorrupted being?
  24. Illusion and reality.
  25. Is ignorance bliss according to Shakespeare?

  26. Shakespeare’s introduction techniques.
  27. How does Act I, scene i reflect the story as a whole?

  28. Is Antonio villainous or misunderstood?
  29. The consequences of corruption.
  30. Concentrate on Act II, where Antonio convinces Sebastian to kill his own brother to attain the throne. Relate political corruption to degeneration of personal ethics.