Five Simple Steps to Create a Winning Narrative Argument Essay

Some people seem to toy with a narrative argumentative essay while you waste all your time and energy trying to complete it. It is shocking the simple tricks they use to get the work done in the shortest time. No wonder they spend most of their time in parties, hikes, playing video games and other such fun activities. Here are some of the tricks you can use.

  1. Craft a Captivating Title
  2. The title directs everything you do in the paper. It gives you the morale to read and draft the paper or will make it the hardest task you will ever undertake. The best topic or title is one chosen out of passion. It proves interesting to write meaning that even if you spend countless hours working on the paper, you will never be cowed under fatigue. Passion ignites insight making your arguments stronger and captivating.

  3. Research
  4. A winning narrative argument essay is one that is supported by strong, unique and fresh points. These points can only be obtained from credible sources like books, journals and articles. Spare time to peruse through materials on the subject you have chosen. Extensive reading introduces you to the ideas of other people with whom you share views. This strengthens your points making them more appealing.

  5. Draw an Outline
  6. A winning paper must feature coherent arguments. This means ideas that are systematically arranged from the introduction to conclusion. An outline helps you to draw a map of your ideas in the order in which they appear. It also helps you to evaluate the strength and weakness of points after brainstorming. Some will be dismissed while others are retained.

  7. Use a Sample
  8. A sample gives you a hint of what your teacher expects in your essay. It therefore helps you to craft important sections in your paper including the title, introduction, thesis statement, title page, etc. However, since all assignments are unique, ensure that you pay attention to unique instructions issued by your teacher.

  9. Format Appropriately
  10. A properly formatted paper is easy to read and presentable. Your teacher will issue instructions on the formatting style to use. Adhere to these instructions to avoid penalties. When applying the formatting style, ensure that you are consistent. Mixing formatting styles will cause a lot of confusion. Your readers will be unable to follow your arguments. Always edit your essay before submission. Errors will distort your points and lower the quality of your work.