A List Of Top 12 Essay Topics About Science Fiction

The science fiction genre encompassing a wide variety of themes and sub-genres, has been around for nearly two centuries. There are a wide variety of topics to explore when it comes to the vast universe that falls under the sci-fi genre in literature, film, and other types of art. Here are 12 great essay topics to use for inspiration or to use on their own:

  1. What are the major differences between American science fiction and British science fiction? How much has been influenced by historical events that had greater meaning in one place than the other?
  2. What is the role of science fiction on the human psyche? Is the main purpose purely entertainment or are there real fears about these made up worlds that are reflective of contemporary times?
  3. Discuss the most common themes in science fiction. Why are these themes so prevalent in the genre? Are they reflective of contemporary society and if so how come they’ve changed little since the genre first appeared?
  4. How important has science fiction literature been in its influence of other forms of art (e.g., film or painting)? Do you believe that science fiction literature is derivative of any other type of art form?
  5. How closely related are science fiction themes to those in the ancient myths? Consider the ancient belief that humans were powerless to gods or extra-terrestrial beings. Is science fiction our contemporary form of myth?
  6. Science fiction has had tremendous success in the last century, yet it still is considered a sub-genre of serious art. Why do you think this is the case? Are there general differences that speak for this divide in appreciation?
  7. How does science fiction prey upon people’s fears to introduce and put forth ideas about the dangers that may exist beyond our perceptions of the world around us?
  8. In what ways has science fiction shaped the way we look at technology? What advancements have been made in technology because of ideas put forth in science fiction?
  9. Is there a sense of moral responsibility placed on science fiction writers to warn against the use of technology in every aspect of our daily lives?
  10. What do you think about the notion that science fiction explores the mind further than literary fiction, so much so that it should be included in the English canon?
  11. Do you think science fiction literature attempts to make political commentary that is understood and relevant to governments today?
  12. What are the biggest challenges faced in a genre that seemingly has no limitations in terms of logic or realism?