Creating A Good Persuasive Essay: 20 Topics Worth Discussing

In a persuasive essay, the author presents a particular idea and then persuades the reader to agree with it. This is an interesting and difficult task that few students can accomplish successfully the first time. The key element of a good persuasive paper is its topic, so here is a list of great topics that you can use to persuade your readers.

  1. Snowy days are good for spending time with family.
  2. Children shouldn’t have so much homework in school.
  3. People should be punished for abandoning their pets.
  4. Being too rich is bad for a person.
  5. Advertisements in magazines violate the mental outlook of young girls and women.
  6. Teenagers aren’t old enough to be babysitters.
  7. Etiquette should be taught in ordinary schools.
  8. There is no sense in growing long hair.
  9. There should be more women in governmental positions.
  10. Children and teenagers should read more to become better people.
  11. People should be severely punished for talking on the phone while driving.
  12. Bullies should attend psychologists or be expelled from schools.
  13. Drivers should pass yearly driving tests in order to make roads safer.
  14. Students should have fewer vacation days during summer.
  15. Wearing school uniforms should be required for everyone.
  16. Cigarettes and alcohol should be more expensive.
  17. Teenagers should have the right to select their bedtime.
  18. All pregnant women should attend parenting courses.
  19. Sex education in schools should be better.
  20. Teachers should use educational video games in schools.

These topics are great subjects for writing a persuasive essay. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a good topic alone won’t bring you a high score for your paper. To write a decent persuasive essay you should follow these rules:

  • Come up with good arguments.
  • To persuade other people about an idea, you should have proof for your arguments. In order to find arguments that you’ll be able to provide with decent support, you should do thorough research on your topic. Otherwise, your readers won’t be impressed by your claims.

  • Connect your arguments to your thesis statement.
  • To compose a paper of high quality, you should make a good thesis statement for it. This sentence shouldn’t be too long, but just long enough to describe everything you’re going to write about in your body paragraphs. If some of your arguments don’t relate to your thesis statement, you should either rewrite your thesis, or not raise such arguments.