Where To Look For A Solid Explanatory Synthesis Essay: A Simple Guide

Although most students have written essays before in school, the explanatory synthesis essay is a completely unique type of writing. To get a high score on this style, students should read through some examples first. By using an example, students can make sure that they know exactly how to structure and write their paper.

Consider the Purpose

Before looking for an example, students should consider how they plan on using the document. If the student plans on just using it as an example, they are free to use any high-quality, well-written paper. Students who want to turn the essay in as their own work will have a more difficult time. They must make sure that the paper appears to be completely original, or the student will get in trouble for plagiarism.

Avoiding Plagiarism

To avoid plagiarism charges, students have several options. If the student has enough money, they can hire a professional writing service or a freelance writer to complete their paper. As long as the student picks a reputable, high-quality writer, they should be able to receive an original, non-plagiarized document.

If the student is low on funds, they can still use some of the free samples that they find online. Students must carefully go through and paraphrase the writing in each sentence. In general, this will help the student to avoid any plagiarism charges. To make sure that the writing appears unique, students should send it through at least one plagiarism detection program.

Finding an Example

The Internet is one of the main places that students can use to find a free example. To find these examples, students just need to do a basic search. A number of different free websites will appear in the search results. Before choosing a specific site, students should make sure that they can actually use it for free. If the site charges a fee, students will need to make sure that they find out exactly what the fee will be.

Offline Options

Although the Internet has a number of resources available, there are plenty of real world options for students. The first place that students should look for an example is with their teacher. Over the years, the teacher will have accumulated a number of the best writing examples from each of their classes. These samples can help students to figure out how to write their document, and they can also inform the student about exactly how the teacher will grade it.

Other than the teacher, students can find samples in their library. Generally, the writing section of the library will contain most of the example papers. The student can look in the writing section or ask a librarian for help.