10 Interesting Ideas For Persuasive Essay Topics On Why Zoos Are Bad

Whether you love them or think that they are the ultimate form of animal abuse zoos are great ideas for persuasive essay topics. Most people have visited a zoo at some stage in their life, and even if you haven’t then it isn’t difficult to imagine or take a virtual tour of one. If you already dislike them then you are going to have no trouble at all finding material for this essay and even if you are zoo lover, then it will do you no harm and will be really interesting to look at it from a different perspective.

So, on the off-chance that you are struggling to come up with some topics, here are 10 interesting ideas to get you started:

  • Can groups like PETA play a role in highlighting cruelty in zoos or does their intrinsic dislike for them make it impossible for them to present a valid point?
  • The only purpose of zoos is to make humans feel better. Discuss
  • Zoos stunt the emotional growth of the animals.
  • Zoos not only take animals away from their natural habitat, they make humans think that it is “normal” for animals to be confined in this way therefore increasing the risk of the human population unintentionally mistreating their pets.
  • Zoos are no better than travelling circuses. Their only purpose is the gratuitous pleasure of humans.
  • Zoos are responsible for the miseducation of the children that visit them.
  • Zoos send the message that it is okay to keep other intelligent beings in captivity and in doing so may send kids the message that it is okay to mistreat their fellow humans too.
  • Zoos make people lazy. They make it too easy to see animals close up and, therefore, discourage people from taking trips into the countryside or adventuring into the wilderness where they would genuinely experience nature first-hand.
  • Because a lot of zoos are run as businesses then profit is always going to come before the welfare of the animals. At very least zoos should be run as not for profit organizations or be given charitable status.
  • Any interaction between animals and humans in zoos is false. Therefore, the danger that most animals present to humans is grossly underrepresented leading to accidents and injuries back home when kids engage their pets too vigorously.