4 Places To Get A Compelling Profile Essay Example

Writing a compelling profile essay can be a daunting task for any student. To accomplish this task successfully as a student, you are required to be creative and thoughtful. However, being creative and thoughtful does not come naturally for most of us, especially since writing this type of essay requires you to write the profile of a person. That’s why you may need some inspiration by looking at a couple of examples of profile papers. Here is a highlight of 4 places to get a compelling profile paper example.


One of the four places to get a compelling profile paper example is interviews of prominent personalities. You may consider looking for interviews of prominent people like celebrities, successful sports personalities, political figures, and successful corporate leaders. These are several places you can look to get interviews of prominent people. The internet is a great place to begin your search, but you can also look into newspapers and news items on TV or radio. You can focus on a person’s career or other noteworthy roles. Although the interview is not structured as an essay, you can use the details of the interview and apply your writing skills to come up with an example profile paper.


A person’s biography can also be one of the 4 places to get a compelling profile essay example. Biographies are great places to get a person’s profile because they usually provide various details of the person’s life in a chronological order. You can focus on events in the person’s career and develop an example essay that presents the person’s career profile. Biographies also usually contain an overview of the person, and this can act as a great example of a profile paper.

Personality Profile Articles

Another one of the 4 places to get a compelling profile essay example is a personality profile article. Personality profile articles are readily available from several reliable sources. Some of the sources you may consider include newspapers, magazines and industry publications. Alternatively, you can use the internet to search for personality profile articles or character pieces about interesting individuals in your local community.


Books definitely qualify to be in the list of 4 places to get a compelling profile paper example. A brief visit to a nearby library will give you the opportunity to peruse through English books that deal with writing. Most English books contain samples of various types of papers. Additionally, these books have detailed guidelines on how to write a good essay.