Where To Look For A Good Example Of A Five Paragraph Essay

A five-paragraph essay is just that, a piece of writing made up of five paragraphs, namely and introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. Because of this structure, five-paragraph pieces are also called three-tier or hamburger essays. Have a look at the following useful advice about where to look for a good example of a five-paragraph paper.

First ask your teacher or university lecturer

The best place to start looking for a great example of a three-tier essay is your teacher or university lecturer. Chances are they’ve been teaching their subject for quite a while, and have many useful sample papers available. So, start your search by asking them if they have any samples for you to look at. Even if they don’t have any available, they may be able to help you find a few somewhere else instead.

Search the Internet

After you’ve asked you teacher or university lecturer for some decent examples of five-paragraph papers, you should try searching the Internet. The first website you should look on is your school or university site, as they often have fantastic sample papers available for their students for free. Next, try searching on other school and university websites, as they may also have some decent free example essays that you can use. Another type of website that may have what you need are the numerous essay websites. There are so many out there that you’re bound to find some sample papers that you can use, and the great thing is that they’re often free of charge.

Read some academic writing textbooks

Another excellent place to look for outstanding five-paragraph paper examples is in your textbooks. If you have any textbooks about academic writing, you should see if they have any samples that you can use. Alternatively, go to your library and have a look at their academic writing textbooks for useful samples.

Don’t forget to ask your school or university friends

If you’re still stuck, try asking some of your school or university friends, as they’re likely covering the same work you are. For all you know, they have a whole stack of great examples of three-tier essays that they’re willing to let you use.

With any luck, this handy advice will help you get hold of some excellent examples of five-paragraph essay to help you write your own.