Creating A Persuasive Essay About Drinking And Driving

In a persuasive essay, the student should persuade the reader in some idea using strong and logical arguments. Your teacher may ask you to create a persuasive paper on the topic of drinking and driving. To get an excellent grade for your assignment, you should perform a particular sequence of actions.

How to Create a Persuasive Essay Related to Drunk Driving

  1. Take a particular position.
  2. Your main idea cannot be just “drunk driving is bad.” You should formulate a particular statement to defend in your paper. For example, you may focus your work on such a position – “Drunk driving greatly increases the risk of lethal accidents on the road, so drunk drivers should be severely punished.”

  3. Find arguments to defend your position.
  4. To write a good standard persuasive paper, you should come up with three arguments that prove your statement. Unlike in argumentative writing, you aren’t obligated to support your arguments only with facts and real statistics. However, you should do this if you can in order to earn extra points.

  5. Write an introduction.
  6. It’s recommended to start your opening section with a sentence that contains a shocking fact related to drunk driving. This should draw the reader’s attention. Then, you should present your topic and state the goal of your work.

  7. Write a body.
  8. This is where you present the arguments that should persuade the reader in your main idea. Introduce each argument in a separate paragraph and use a unique piece of support for it. Make smooth transitions between body paragraphs so that one argument logically results from the previous one.

  9. Write a conclusion.
  10. Here, you should restate your arguments and remind the reader about your main idea. You should indicate that people should be constantly reminded about negative consequences of drunk driving in order for the number of drunk drivers on the roads to be reduced.

Finalizing Your Persuasive Essay

Once the text of your paper is written, revise it and make sure that there are no mistakes in it. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You might also need to rewrite some sentences just because they don’t sound very persuasive or clear. To play it safe, proofread your text two or three times instead of just one.

The last step is to compose a final title of your paper. Use keywords from your text to make your title resemble the contents of your essay. You may also include a relevant catchy phrase in the title to make it more attention-grabbing and memorable.