How To Make Your Essay On Social Media And Youth Stand Out

Social media rivals television when it comes to the attention of young people. Indeed, one would think that a smart phone is the sixth finger on the hand of many teenagers. If you have an assignment dealing with social media and youth, it really is a current event. You want this to be able to stand out and be an attention getter. There are some things you can do to make this happen.

  • Pick Your Topic Carefully. This means being a little bit more original than other writers. There are some nuances to the relationship young people have with social media, and you can maximize that. If you wanted to, you can take a look at certain platforms and see what the impact young people have on them. For example, a consumer review board can be looked at to see if a young person’s opinion really matters. You can also discuss how bullying impacts social media like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Be Sure to Do Your Research. The way to really get attention is to provide objective arguments which are based on facts. Some people want to get very emotional but that is basically for blog writing. If you want to get respect, do not write your essay as if it were a rant. Going over some of the research, explaining the impact of survey figures and opinion polls, is going to make your composition look fantastic.
  • Grab Attention At The Beginning. Any creative writing teacher will tell you that the opening sentences are where you capture your audience. You have to be careful about the words that you use so you did not appear pompous or stuffy. You have one chance to make a good first impression. Do that in the opening lines.
  • Pay Attention to the Basics. You are still writing a composition for a grade, and means you have to be careful about grammar and punctuation. Always proofread your work before you submit. If the second draft is needed to make your work look even better, do that. You want your essay to reflect the great writing style you have.

Writing an amazing composition is rarely something that can be done the last minute. A rush job under pressure is only an invitation to make mistakes. If you are given a deadline for this content, keep that in mind until the assignment is done. If you get to work on it right away, you can use time management to help you out. If you do your best you’ll find that your work is favorably noted by your readers.