Writing A Brilliant Persuasive Essay Using Online Resources: Helpful Hints

Designing a compelling and persuasive essay needs a lot of research. In your effort you are not only projecting your ideas or opinions about a certain thing but also putting in a great deal of industry into bringing the readers onto your side. In the process of convincing your readers you cannot question their belief or philosophies but give them a feasible alternative onto which they can latch their renewed faith.

A persuasive essay is everywhere to be found, you can notice one in the newspapers, sipping your morning tea and another one in your lifestyle magazines where you are convinced enough about almonds as the newly discovered superfood. These writings have become the real trend setters as they have permeated into our decision making consciousness. Your persuasive essay should literary tickle the reader's brain. Below is a five-step regime to obtaining that perfect draft:

  • Prewriting stage- this stage can be marked as the building block of your composition. Here, you must choose your position or side you wish to abide by. Relating to the readers or audience is another important step. You should be able to realize the reader's proclivity and carefully tackle any sort of prejudiced philosophy. Convincing without proper evidence is akin to manipulation.
  • Perfect outline and structure- it must comprise of an introduction, alongside the plan to capture the reader's attention you must give a brief idea about your essay and a stern statement to end with. Following the introduction is the subject matter or body. In this, every individual paragraph must deal with one argument along with details advocating it. The ultimate paragraph in the body could comprise of a counter-statement. Lastly a conclusion, carefully and gingerly summarizing your whole essay is just about fine.
  • Drafting the essay- All you need to do is blindly follow your outline, never deviate or digress unless you want the bang opposite of what you aim for. Kindly refrain from overindulging in writing too much about one particular argument or issue.
  • Editing and proofreading- there can be no other drill as important as this. Proofreading and editing promise you a flawless essay.
  • Asking for feedback- feedback both in the form of praises and criticism is mandatory. Go ahead and ask your supervisor or that one alacrious critique.
  • Reference list-a reference list is where it all started from. You cannot possibly forget to acknowledge the sources from where you received ideas and information to come up with your brilliant piece of work.