10 Interesting Essay Topics On Austen's Pride And Prejudice

Quite an interesting and complex tale of human interaction, traditions, societal pressures and economics. No doubt this story has the ability to inspire a tear or two in the eyes of the soft hearted. This story has the potential to spawn many situations that could be analyzed further to give an entire story on its own.

Despite the many ravishing tidbits contained in this story, you must remember to be practical when choosing a topic on which to write. The biggest mistake any author can make is selecting a topic on which they have no ability to compose a complete story. A good topic has a lot on which to write and is also interesting to the writer. The following is a list of ten interesting topic ideas on Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

  1. How the property laws of a country can decide the fate of a family.
  2. Paint a picture of the society they lived with all its rules and regulations. Create a story that gives readers a sense of what it was like to live in those times.

  3. The benefits of being rich in the company of persons of lesser means.
  4. Create a story that shows this world from the eyes of the rich.

  5. Why most stories do not have a happy ending like in this one.
  6. Create a story that details how this would have played out in a real life scenario.

  7. Whats more important, my education or finding romantic love?
  8. Create a story of the middle sister, showing how her life turned out.

  9. The desperation of a woman who is about to lose it all.
  10. Give an account of the world from the perspective of the mother in this bad situation.

  11. I’m not attracted to wealth
  12. How can I love someone who believes that status and wealth makes them superior to others?

  13. The heavy price Lydia had to pay and why she did it.
  14. Was it worth it in the end? The woes of the prize bride.

  15. The life and adventures of Lydia and Wickham
  16. Create a story detailing a short adventure experienced by the eloping couple.

  17. The heroic story of Darcy and how she saves the day
  18. Tell the tale from Darcy’s perspective, as if everything that happened was a calculated move by her.

  19. A tale of a tragic rejection, the life and time of Mr Collins
  20. Create a sad story detailing the experiences of Mr.Collins up to the moment of rejection.