10 Catchy Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Julius Caesar

Writing about historical figures is usually pretty easy because there’s plenty of information out there. It’s easy to do your research when you have so many options for sources and evidence of events. If you don’t like writing, then you’re in luck to have a topic about Julius Caesar because you can get lots of help online easily. Finding help with writing homework can take some time, but it’s worth the value that it adds to your finished essay. Keep reading to find out more about this kind of essay and what topics you can use for it.

Topic ideas for your compare and contrast essay

Below, you’ll find some catchy and interesting ideas based around the play Julius Caesar. Use these ten topics as a starting point for your work. You can use any of them as is or tweak it to suit your interests. And if you think of another (even unrelated) idea while reading these, don’t be afraid to run with it. As long as the topic idea is within your teacher’s guidelines for getting a good grade, then try something exciting. Your passion will show through the words you write.

  1. 1. Compare Caesar as a mortal man to Caesar as a public figure
  2. 2. How do nightmares, omens and the supernatural show the contrast between free will and fate?
  3. 3. Discuss the differences between Caesar and his successor Octavius
  4. 4. Talk about Brutus’s motivations: is it his choice to join the conspiracy, or was he tricked into doing so by Cassius?
  5. 5. Contrast the struggles between powerful men and the struggles between common men
  6. 6. Compare friendships throughout the play, such as Caesar and Brutus, Brutus and Cassius or Caesar and Antony—how do they function and differ?
  7. 7. Compare how the play would change if you edited it to make Caesar more of a main character instead of dying way before the end, or if you edited it to make Brutus more of the main focus in the beginning
  8. 8. Contrast the speeches given in the Forum (especially Antony’s speech) with the speeches given for the conspirators who died
  9. 9. What is the difference between how Caesar is rigid and inflexible, and how Brutus is also inflexible in his own way
  10. 10. how would the play have changed or ended if someone other than Octavius had risen to the position of Caesar’s successor?