A Selection Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics On Medical Breakthroughs

How many times you did not imagine becoming a doctor? It is one of the most fascinating and rewarding careers, but it is also one of the most difficult ones. It is always interesting to find out new things about medical discoveries and how these saved the life of so many people. Writing an argumentative essay on this will prove to be one of the most useful things that you ever did. It will inspire you and it will help you understand better how medicine can affect and influence people. Maybe one of these topics will be suitable for you:

  • Blood transfusion. It is truly inspiring to see how your own blood can save another person. This is a very recent practice, since centuries ago people did not know anything about blood types or what effect can this procedure have. Try to convince your colleagues to donate blood; there are many sick people who depend on this.
  • Organ transplant. This is maybe one of the most revolutionary procedures. In the past, no one imagined that we can survive with someone else’s organ, but the medicine made all this possible. Organ transplant saves thousands of lives every year, and the procedure is now made in almost every hospital in the world.
  • Artificial insemination. Many couples can’t have children and their life is extremely sad because of this. Well, not anymore! There are artificial ways to get pregnant and to have one or more healthy babies.
  • Microsurgery. If someone has an accident and they lose a limb, they can be saved! Microsurgery will allow doctors to reattach the limb and it will regain its normal function. Losing one arm can be extremely traumatic and people suffer because of this all their life.
  • Neonatal surgery. This is still a new field of Medicine, but it is evolving very fast. If an unborn baby is sick, he can have a surgery while he is still in the uterus. This requires a lot of precision and advanced technology, that is why only a few countries in the world make this kind of procedure.
  • Dialysis. There are people who have to live without kidneys, after an accident or a severe disease. Well, they have a very good life span since they can clean their body with the help of a dialysis machine.