The 150-Word College Essay: Five Secrets To Successful Writing

This article will give you five secrets on how to write a hundred and fifty word college essay. To write this length of paper, or any other length you must definitely practice certain things. You must keep practicing your basic steps in writing. Do not try to skip any writing process it will mess up your performance. Do not over think the paper. Nothing should change in your writing manner. The only thing that should differ is the process of writing for shorter paragraphs and explanations.

  1. The first thing to do in your writing is to come up with your topic and main points. Just let go and write freely. After you have done this eliminate material down to the main point. Remember, your paper should only consist of one key point.

  2. The next step is to produce an introduction between thirty – fifty words. It should start off giving a wide explanation of your context. It should finish by moving towards the thesis.

  3. Thirdly; the next paragraph should be between fifty – eighty words. It should provide support of your thesis statement. Do not write too much. Whatever the thesis statement says the paragraph should explain and nothing else.

  4. The fourth hint is to draw up a conclusion that is between thirty – fifty words. It should review the information in the body of the paper. Use the same formula for writing any other paper. Be sure to be as creative as possible. Keeping the attention of the reader through the paper is important. Having it at the end will keep them thinking about the information long after they have put it down. It should also give some insight on the topic. (Things would be better if…) This will complete the way the conclusion should be written.

  5. The last is a little different but very helpful. It sort of falls under proofreading. The only difference is that when you read start from the ending. Read from the last sentence to the second to last sentence etc… this way you are not so comfortable that you just quickly read over mistakes. It keeps you on guard because the material will seem new to you.

Completing these steps will produce a style of paper that the reader will find interesting. While writing your paper you must pay attention to the flow of entire paper. Even though it is shorter, it should have a smooth flow to the reading. This company can give you further assistance if you still require.