Tips For Crafting A Cause And Effect Essay On Road Rage

When you write a cause and effect essay, you have to take into consideration a lot of elements. Even if the cause seems to be obvious, most of the time there are many elements that trigger a certain action. This is very obvious when it comes to a topic like road rage; besides, you probably witnessed this a lot in your life. It is not something pleasant to write about, but you can help your classmates understand and avoid this. If you need some tips on how to handle this task, take a look at these:

  • Avoid using explicit words. If you want to discuss about a real situation in your composition, you don’t have to reproduce the exact dialogue that happened between two drivers. More than once you will notice that they use bad words that are not appropriate for a student. If you do use them, you will notice how your professor changes his attitude towards you; it will be considered a huge lack of respect.
  • Be realistic. It is not pleasant to witness road rage, but you have to be open minded when you discuss the cause of this. Apparently, the fact that someone stole a parking spot is a reason enough to fight, but you have to think more about this issue. What if someone received some very bad news a few minutes before? What if someone got fired that day, and he projected his anger on another driver? You have to take all the possibilities into consideration before you write.
  • Think well about the effects. Many people seem to think that this is not a big deal; someone will fight with you in traffic. So what? Well, you have to know that many accidents happen because of this. Drivers lose their concentration or they get so angry that they hid another car on purpose.
  • Mention the legal punishment. In most of the countries you can get a fine if you insult someone else in traffic. However, most of the time no one will report these incidents; they will just see it as something normal and they don’t want to make it a big deal. Since the law is so clear regarding this issue, it’s obvious that it can have severe consequences. Because of a moment of rage you can destroy your life.