Great Suggestions For Argumentative Essay Topics: Useful Advice

Are you a freelance writer or college student and looking for argumentative essay topics, you have reached the right place. Here is some useful advice regarding your search.

Argumentative essays can be classified into five components that symbolize a comprehensive academic position. Even though introduction, body & conclusion are the three basic parts of an essay, these five elements are unique to argumentative writings. Every argumentative dissertation/thesis must include these five components to receive adequate grade.

5 Basic components of an argumentative paper

  1. Thesis statement
  2. Background information
  3. Main Arguments
  4. Counter arguments
  5. Conclusion

Tips On Choosing Dissertation Topics

You should be very careful on choosing topics to write an awesome argumentative essay. The topic you select should encourage some kind of emotion. You should present your paper with new as well as controversial ideas in order to grab and hold the attention of your reader. The main thing is not so much you need to write on your topic. The thing you concentrate is whether your thesis includes the terms that could influence the opinion of your reader. It should encourage the reader to take some sort of action.

The next action after selecting the topic for your thesis is selecting your stance. You should be very clear and confidence about your stance that you select to take. This step is very essential for several reasons. The topics you choose to write are complex. Your topic might be sidetracked after you start writing. This could results confusion in readers view. As an argumentative paper writer, you have to present your work be clear from the 1st word to the last letter.

Interesting Thesis Topics

Here are some of the topics that you can choose for your research.

  1. Is violence and sex on Television is acceptable?
  2. Is Global warming is a real danger or a myth?
  3. Is poor leadership is the reason for bankruptcy?
  4. Corporal punishment- is harm or good. Opinion
  5. Is cloning acceptable?
  6. Genetic research – improving or destroying our lives
  7. Is dress code really boosting employees’ performance in office?
  8. How important is homework for college students’ performance?
  9. Is Arts Education important in school?
  10. Is technology making you alone?
  11. Does Technology distract students?
  12. Online Reviews – trustable or not.
  13. What sort of internet censorship should develop?
  14. Experience or book learning – Which is more significant? Why?
  15. Effort or luck – Which is more essential in personnel life? Why?
  16. What are 5 most common fears? How can you overcome them?
  17. What are 5 most good sports or hobbies?