The 12 Best Classification And Division Essay Topics For College

When you have to write a classification and division essay for college, you must carefully chose a topic that will allow you either to classify it, or to analyze small parts of it *divide it*.

This can be tricky, especially if you want the topic to be also catchy and interesting for your professors. Here are the best 12 classification and division essay topics for college:

  1. Literature: It is one of the most permissible and easy topic for classification and division essays. Not only that you have already experience with literature essays, but it is easy to classify it according to the major forms or to divide it and choose just a particular type of literature to analyze in your essay.
  2. Arts: You have the freedom to divide arts after any criteria you wish: the type of art, the technique, the genre, the style. Pick your favorite work of art and use it as subject for your division paper.
  3. Music: A very versatile topic that allows you to state your preferences. Divide it into genres and talk a little bit about each genre, then use your favorite kind of music as your main division essay topic.
  4. Architecture: Not the most common topic, but it is very easy to work with. You can talk about various architectural styles, then develop the division essay on a single, preferred style.
  5. Sociology: You can talk about the current division of people in social categories and present the representative characteristics of a specific one.
  6. Authority: If you are taking a social studies course, you can talk about types of authority and how a specific kind is influencing young people nowadays.
  7. Personality: This can be an interesting topic if you are passionate about psychology. Discuss about your own type of personality in the division paper
  8. Drugs classification and division: A very uncommon but interesting topic. It allows you to touch different aspects from sociology, chemistry and law.
  9. Culture: A topic very easy to approach and to develop; choose your favorite culture to discuss and explode.
  10. Types of teachers: A very funny and relaxed idea, you can talk about different types of teachers and discuss how each type can influence the level of students.
  11. Types of education: Talk about the modern education, how this can change the world and which stage of education you think is the most important in the life of students.
  12. Politics: Discuss the political division in your country and how this can improve different aspects of the society.