A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids

Creative writing is a wonderful method in which kids can express themselves. But how does one get children to want to pen minus their grouchy complaining?  

Provide them fun themes that they will discover about themselves while writing.  It helps in improving their writing skills, enhancing logical thinking and personality development as well. Get the kids draw a portrait or a collage to go with their written persuasive essay.

  • Write a little about your best friends. Who are they, where did you meet them, and why they are your best friends?
  • Do we need more holidays? If yes, then why?
  • Why should young Children be able to vote, or why not? Support your answer.
  • If I could design a new toy, what type of toy would I craft and why?
  • Should students need to wear uniforms?
  • When was the moment you were afraid the most.  What scared you, how did you react?
  • Is City life better than country life? And why?
  • Year round school is a bad idea because…?
  • Write about a time you made a big mistake.  How did you fix it?
  • Should girls and boys be in separate courses?
  • Write about the most embarrassing moment you have had in your life.
  • If I have super powers, what type of powers would I have?
  • Why and how we should provide food and shelter for the poor?
  • Why and how do dogs make better pets than cats?
  • Should schools raise funds by selling sugary soft drinks and candies to the students?
  • Why the moon is as important as is the sun?
  • Write about a time that you used your inner strength to get through a hard situation.
  • Why is too much money a bad thing?
  • Does God exist?
  • Should girls be permitted to play in boys’ sports team?
  • If you were offered three wishes, what would those be and why?
  • Should children get paid for getting good grades?
  • Should notebook computers replace students’ textbooks?
  • Why children should have less homework?
  • What does it mean to have good character? Do you think you have good character, why?
  • Why should recycling be mandatory for everyone?
  • Should students be needed to take a foreign language course?
  • Why should cell phones never be used while driving?
  • Write about 4 things which are difficult for you and why.
  • What would happen if we allow pets in school?