A List Of Interesting Art Essay Topics Worth Writing On

Art is a universally appealing subject that typically attracts a large number of students each year. Who doesn’t want to be the next “Banksy” or a modern Van Gogh? Whatever your artistic aspirations are choosing an interesting art essay topic to write about can be a challenging one. Artists, or artistic leaning people tend to want to pursue their art rather than having to focus on writing an essay that can at times feel akin to torture.

The good thing is that most of your fellow students will probably find themselves in a similar predicament. So, if you can steal the march by coming up with an interesting topic you are going to vastly increase your chances of capturing the attention of your lecturer, and hopefully securing a higher grade.

If you are struggling to come up with some ideas of your own, then hopefully my list of interesting art essay topics will provide you with the inspiration that you need and turn writing your essay into an art form in itself:

  • * Is environmental art environmentally friendly? Can some of the concepts be ported into day to day life: discuss?
  • * How can public art be used as a means of uniting communities?
  • * Explore the theories around post-modern art and whether their decision to break with the traditional “narratives” has had a detrimental effect on art.
  • * Has society evolved at the same pace as art over the years? Give examples as to how advances in art have benefited the wider community.
  • * Examine how our visual interpretation of art impacts upon our ability to analyse it. Does this explain how one person’s heaven, can be another person’s artistic version of hell?
  • * Is the act of making marks, an art form in itself? Explore how art has evolved from prehistoric times to the present day.
  • * Can the process of covering one’s body with tattoos really be described as art? Discuss.
  • * Are there ever occasions when government censorship of art is valid? If so, how do we monitor the censors?
  • * Can art ever be a tool for change in society? Discuss historical instances where this has occurred.
  • * Can video games be considered a form of art? If so, is there any justification in censoring them? Discuss.