10 Basic Things To Know About The Format Of A Descriptive Essay

Essays are integral part of academic work and examiners always have a way of judging from among the many submitted to them for grading, which is the best. This means, to be a good essayist, one must always work out on a number of factors such as plot, structure, theme and many others. A descriptive essay is just one of the many that we have always come across during our reading and many times, a good paper can be judged from how it flows. This is definitively its structure. Generally, good essays aim at illustrating or rather showing events through writing. In this regard, a student must always be good at using all the five basic senses to bring out the gist of a descriptive essay in the most excellent way. As discussed in this article, we lay a special emphasis on the structure of a descriptive paper.

  • The fist part of your essay will always be a thesis statement for the instruction. This is not always a statement of claim but rather a captivating introduction which should always seek to inform your readers beforehand, what the write-up is about to unravel. Your story starts here so makes it a good entry point.
  • Each paragraph should always be preceded by a topic sentence. Essentially, this is what introduces each paragraph in the most dramatic way so that readers can always have a glimpse of what is to come.
  • The ensuing writing after every topic sentence should always be supportive of the main idea. A point of caution, do not introduce a paragraph and talk about something different. This will derail your story and confuse readers.
  • Your essay format should always be drafted in such a way that it will always echo the main theme during your writing.
  • The format should always be drafted as an outline which seeks to show readers what they expect. In this regard, incorporation of stimuli as perceived by the five basic senses should be part and parcel of every paragraph.
  • The title should be figurative to show from the start that the essay is essentially a descriptive one.
  • The format of the essay is always organized chronologically showing what happens after what in details.
  • The main body in the format should relate to readers what to expect and conclusion after every paragraph should not stop the story.
  • The format should show a coherent development on thought.
  • The last past is obviously a good conclusion that should not stop the story but end it creatively.