What Should I Write In An Essay Introduction On Joseph Stalin?

Russian history is filled when many famous and infamous leaders, one of the most popular being Stalin, known for his ruthlessness around the world. To write a paper on this figure would be quite a trip, digging into exploits that may be too dark for the average person to stomach easily.

When writing an essay, there are three main parts that must be included, the introduction, main body and conclusion. Without these parts, your paper may be no more than a jumble of words without any real form or identity. To write an introduction for an essay about Stalin, consider these following points:

  1. State why you are interested in this person
  2. Writing any composition about a specific person should start with you reason for writing about them. There are many people in the world but only very few manage to do anything of great significance during their lifetimes. Starting from their early life and giving readers a brief summary of their most famous action is a good way to start.

  3. State what you hope to inform the readers of
  4. Any paper should teach its readers and there would be lots to learn about any figure worth writing about. You should be able to identify significant feats carried out by Stalin that you wish to focus on and you could touch on these topics, quite briefly, during your introduction.

  5. Why is this study significant
  6. You should try your best to show your readers why this paper is worthy of reading, or how it may even change their lives in some way. This is likely to have readers more interested in your paper, especially if they can relate to it somehow.

  7. What was his most significant accomplishment
  8. In your opening statement, a wise strategy when creating an introduction is teasing readers with little bits of interesting information.

  9. What are the methods used to acquire you information
  10. While you may trust you information and your sources, your readers may not be so readily convinced. Be sure to outline exactly how you came to all of the information in your paper.

  11. Mention some of the info that you intend to present in the body of your essay.
  12. At the end of your introduction, a good strategy is employing the well known transitory hook. This is a simple statement, alluding to an interesting piece of information to come in the following sections of your paper.