How To Write An Essay Using Criticism: 4 Must-Know Hints

You have been asked to write an essay using criticism but you are at a loss on what that really means since it is your first time to write such academic paper. If this is your predicament, then this article would help you to get a grasp on writing your critical essays without any problems. When you finally understand how to write this type of paper, you are firmly limiting chances of your tutor complaining that your paper does not contain enough criticism and as such, would not give you marks that are good enough to help improve your grades.

In this article are these four must-know hints that would help you compose your essay making use of criticism. These hints are as follows:

  • Extremely Confident: Before you can effectively criticize an academic paper, you should have that type of full confidence that would encourage you to completely reject other writers’ conclusion about a given issue or topic, even though you are yet to examine their evidence or facts.
  • Concise Presentation: In writing your paper using criticism, you must ensure that your presentation is well-balanced, especially when it is related to those reasons why you are vehemently rejecting the conclusions from other possible writers.
  • Be Realistic: In writing this type of essay, most times there are limitations to evidence being provided. In order to give more credibility to your work, it is important that you recognize and acknowledge these limitations.
  • Have Proof: This is the main juice of this type of academic paper. You need to make sure that there are enough evidence and facts to back up your criticism. This way, you can weld adequate authority with your paper.

In order for you to make better use of these suggestions or hints, it is important you understand that in writing an academic paper using criticism, it is likened to taking a part in an academic debate and as such, comes with its challenges and limitations. In order to give meaningful contributions, you should take your time to weigh other writers’ arguments and facts they provide. This way, you will know what approach or angle to base your own contribution.

Finally in writing an essay using criticism, you should properly evaluate the quality of the argument you are about to provide, and the evidence also. Take note of the main aspects of other writers’ arguments and capitalize on them, both the positive and the negative.