Expert Advice On How To Come Up With A Great Expository Essay Topic

Most people have an opinion on everything. Ask a baseball spectator and he will invariably have a few suggestions for Mike Trout; or whether Roger Federer should play with a heavier tennis racquet or not. Years on, we still opine whether US should have bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki or not. Fact is; they did it.

Fact; not opinions

An expository essay underlines the pivotal point. It is an essay based on facts and statistics rather than opinions. In other words, the essay is not arbitrary or judgmental; it is a fact-sheet. It is actually hard for people to write such essays; simply because there is no room for fluff.

A ready example

People can easily praise hymns of the anti-oxidant qualities of acai berry; but try asking them about the exact composition of the fruit and why it has such great anti-oxidant qualities and they will stay mum. An expository essay, then, addresses the why, how, what and where of the topic, so to speak.

Unfolding of events

It may require diligence to write expository essays but not to prepare the topics. You just have to look for significant events and whether they were laced with sensational facts or not. When you regard The Great Depression, is there genuine knowledge available of just how much the economy suffered; the number of eventual suicides and the exact nature of impact that FDR’s New Deal had on the event. If yes, there is a great topic in the bag.

Ideas in every subject

You may delve into any topics; even personal ones; say, the reasons you prefer a certain teacher or a certain therapy. Look for objects which have a character; topics which have a history and you have got something up your sleeve. Admittedly, history offers extreme number of ideas for the exposition. There is science, geography and even literature at your disposal if you care to look into them.

Here are ten interesting expository topics for you –

  1. Why do you think a horse is better than a dog?
  2. How has crime risen in the past two decades?
  3. What hormonal and other changes does a teenager go through?
  4. What is the status of international smuggling of cocaine and crystal meth?
  5. Why is e-cigarette a healthier and safer alternative to traditional cigarette?
  6. Explain the discovery, impact and awareness of AIDS
  7. Explain the status of Euthnasia in developed countries and the steps taken by its upholders
  8. What set Tiger Woods apart from others, before his dalliance and eventual slump – A look at his achievements and failures?
  9. Describe the things that bring you greatest happiness
  10. What were the basic principles of Zarathusthra’s philosophy? How was it influenced by Nietzsche?