A List Of Funny Argumentative Essay Topics On Telenovelas

First of all you notice that it is an essay you are supposed to write; a bit of information on telenovelas would be the best way to approach this. This is assuming that you understand everything about writing argumentative essays. Telenovelas are episodes of Mexican soap eras. The episodes are filled with romantic, humorous, and sometimes sad scenes. There are a lot of funny rumors about this telenovelas, you can choose to demystify such believes by use of argumentative essays.

There is huge chunk information on how to write argumentative essays. Research through the internet, and learn more about such essays.

Requires you to have a ‘funny’ topic, so note this while you are brainstorming for a good argumentative essay topic. It is a good practice to first list-down several topics that are argumentative and have humor at the same time. You definitely have to brain storm to come up with an interesting topic.

Simple tips on writing perfect argumentative essays

  • Never make up data – made up facts and statistics is not even funny, nothing will impress your assessor better than organizing your work well, use logical arguments strongly supported by positive examples.
  • Be precise and clear – always ensure that your points or arguments are clear, use short and simple sentence structure to communicate. Be formal at all cost.

Phases of essay writing

  1. Planning phase: this is the first part of your essay writing, without proper planning, you wouldn’t enjoy writing. Construct your thesis, choose examples to be used, and then outline your main points.
  2. Write: make a first draft copy act like a template to make your final draft. Ensure you have all your points on the essay.
  3. Revise: it is important that after you are done writing your essay; take time to read through several times to correct small errors. Man is to error that’s why we can never assume to revise our work, no matter how perfect you think you are. Revising takes little time, actually less than the time taken to plan and write the actual essay. If possible have another party rather than you proofread your work as he or she notes down the mistakes to be corrected. Ensure your work flows smoothly and is interesting to read.

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