How To Compose A Great Descriptive Essay About An Ocean

When you are attempting to write a good descriptive essay, one of the keys is to create a vivid picture for the reader. You can do this by using the 5 senses to create an illusion that makes the reader feel he has actually seen the person, place or thing that is the focus of your article. The article you are writing should follow the same format as most other writings. You need an introduction, body, and conclusion. Throughout your descriptive essay, you will use your imagination, along with similes and metaphors to create images about your topic. Usually you will start by describing your subject in a broad sense and then begin describing things in more detail. Your goal is to “paint” a picture of your topic. In this case, your topic is the ocean. I will give you a few ideas of how you can create a great descriptive essay on this topic.

  • Begin by brainstorming about the sea and write down what comes to your mind. Usually something comes to your mind because you have had experiences that you can describe. Look at the list in front of you and pick some things that stand out. These are the things you are going to want to describe.
  • Start with the broadest thing you want to talk about. Maybe it is the vastness of the ocean. Your goal when talking about the vastness of the sea is to make your reader think he is standing there with you; right next to you. Don’t just say the sea is huge. Say that looking at the ocean makes you feel like an ant on a football field. Use all of your senses to describe the sea. Use similes and metaphors to give the reader a better sense of the ocean.
  • Narrow down your subject a little and describe something about the ocean that has made an impression on you. Describe the striped bass you caught while on a fishing trip. Again, don’t just say you went fishing and caught a huge striped bass. Explain how wondrous you felt when you were reeling in that shiny, beautiful fish. Tell how amazing it was to see the schools of bluefish surfing the waves.

The goal of a descriptive essay is to make the reader feel the same way you do. You actually experienced the sea. If you can make your reader feel the same way you do, you have succeeded in creating a great descriptive essay.